Keep your PJ’s on! Online classes at CraftEdu.

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Ever tried to pack for a workshop? It’s crazy isn’t it? I know I’ve torn up my studio trying to pack for a workshop, do I need this, do I take that? I must have this!! It’s insane and forget about getting through security at the airport. Several of us have had tools removed from out luggage, or had paint explode, or one time my mini stamps came out of their container…I’m still finding tiny letters in my suitcase when I go on vacation. ha!

Well now you have the choice to keep your pajama’s on and take a crafty online class at CraftEdu! We’re in beta and the choices are endless, polymer clay, beading, painting, mixed media, digital art. We even have an online community! Come on over and check it out.
You can find out how to enroll in a class by clicking on the How to Enroll link. (I’ve circled it on the picture)

Here’s a screen shot of my Mixed Media Mask class. If you click on the link you can view a preview and the supply list. Join in on the fun!

Have a great day!

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