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make believeWhen you were a kid do you remember playing “make believe”? It was a favorite pastime. My brother, tiger, and i would play for hours in our back yard. Imagining villains, castles in far away lands, monsters and having special powers. (that’s us in the little picture, me playing with a string. I could make a mean jacobs ladder!)

Tiger, was the ultimate protector, “Champ” was his play name. He was a boxer that would beat up anything that tried to hurt us, including monsters and and huge trolls that lived under make believe bridges. He was so strong with huge muscles and could lift whole buildings. When he wore his cape (towel tied around his neck) he could even fly.

My play name was “Cindy”. I’m pretty sure that was short for Cinderella. I even had a little white play dress that I wore to make it seem like I was a real princess. My special powers were the power to change things with my mind. No really, if we were traveling through a dark forest, I could make it brighter and lighter. Or if a scarey monster was after us with long claws I could make the claws disappear. Of course, my special powers had a little glitch…if I got too afraid, and started running, they wouldn’t work as well..there was also a huge possibility that I’d forget to use them. ha!

I always thought my ensemble would be more complete if only I had a wand and a crown. It didn’t occur to me back then to make one…so I’m doing it now!Enchanting Crowns

This little crown isn’t large enough to wear on your head but it’s “magical” just the same. Simply remove the lid and it’s a little box where you can hide little notes or trinkets.

Because I want you to come along on my make believe journey, you too can make some little crowns, as I’ll be offering this Enchanting Crown class on CraftArtEdu soon.

If you’re interested in taking it, let me know either by leaving a comment below or sending me an email and I will make sure you are among the first to know when it becomes available.

What was your favorite childhood playtime memory?

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