Marie Gibbons Heart Class

Jainnie Marie TejaeJainnie and I took our trip to Denver the end of January to take Marie Gibbon’s heart class “Get your Heart on”. I loved Marie’s studio/gallery. It’s the perfect size and filled with her artwork. Marie was a gentle artist that just oozes inspiration and creativity. The workshop was located in the center of this wonderfully creative space.

Marie GibbonsMarie GibbonsWe learned how to create hollow form hearts from traditional clay. We had a blast! (The pictures below are a few of Marie’s hearts)

marie gibbonsMarie Gibbons

Marie Gibbons heart artMarie kept our hearts, fired them for us in her kiln (very slowly so they wouldn’t crack), then she black washed them for us. This process took a couple of days. (Student hearts pictured below)Student HeartsWe received our fired hearts back this weekend.  I still need to add an acrylic wash to mine. I’ll post a final picture when that’s been completed.

Tejae's Hearts

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