Mother’s Day weekend

tejae encased heart

I want to share some new art I created this year for Mother’s Day but before I go into that, I would like to acknowledge that this particular holiday can be extremely sad for a lot of people.

Daughters and sons who have lost their own mother, or wives and husbands who have lost a mother in law dear to them, or the tragedy of mothers who have lost a child or maybe she just deeply desires to be a mother but can’t for whatever reason. I would first like to send a virtual heartfelt hug to you. I’m sorry for your loss and the pain that you feel on this particular holiday. I just want to hold space for you to let you know I see you and my heart is tender for the pain that you carry.  I hope that you know you’re not alone. I cherish you and your friendship. ♥

Friends, please be mindful that not everyone finds this day a joyous affair. Make a point to reach out to those who struggle with this holiday, you know who they are. Invite them to coffee, a movie or for a walk in the park. I’m sure they will appreciate it. Thank you for letting me share.

Happy-Mothers-Day-heartMothers-Day-heart  Mothers-Heart sweet hanging heart tejaes encased heart tejae encased heart
In my last post I mentioned that my “freed up work schedule”, (ok getting laid off) has allowed me more studio time to create. My latest project was to create encased hearts for my client for his wife and also one for her mother. (What a guy, right?)

For privacy I didn’t show the backs of the nested heart but they have the children’s names listed. (awww!) He requested the hearts be blue so I made them both blue but different designs.

My encased hearts are 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″  (palm sized) and the small one nests inside the larger one. I’ve started designing separate little stands to display the heart in. I’ll keep you posted on that little project too.

The other hearts include a ribbon to hang from.

Look for future blog posts in the upcoming weeks announcing new art I’ll be listing to my etsy shop. I appreciate your support. ♥ (In an effort to not look for a regular 9-5 job.) 🙂

If you do celebrate Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day to you!

I’m the proud step mom to Tim Jr. I love being his mom. We encourage each other, support each others dreams and learn new things from each other often. I’m also mother in law to his sweet bride Stacey. Its a special bond I’m blessed to have them both.

♥ tejae ♥

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