My Studio Snapshot on Libby Mills blog

Ok, I’m about a week late mentioning this but my studio was featured on Libby Mills blog go on over and check it out. It was the Studio Snapshot.

From my interview with Libby,

Libby asked if I use an idea wall or inspiration board. My answer was

“When I begin working on a project I usually make an “inspiration board” for each project. I make it on the computer in Word, basically copying inspiring images, color combinations and texture into the document. Then I print a color copy and keep it on my desk while I’m working on the project.”

Susan Lomuto from “Daily Art Muse” commented on her blogMaybe if we ask nicely Tejae will show us an example?”

Susan, here it is… a little “inspire me” video to show you how I do it. Keep in mind you can grab inspiring pictures from just about anywhere, you can even scan them in, download them from your camera, or like I show in the video download images from the internet. Be Creative. Use this as a guide but feel free to change it to suit your needs. (Images are used as inspiration only, please don’t outright copy artists’ work. Be the unique creative artist that you are!)

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