Naomi Floyde 1933-2007

Sometimes things happen in life that we don’t understand or don’t think is fair. Maybe it’s not our place to judge these things. My dear sweet mother in law passed gently Thursday evening at the young age of 73. She was surrounded by love and family. My mind is full of wonderful stories and happy memories of her. This experience, although sad and heartwrenching has in some ways been one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. Naomi may have been small in stature but her heart was big and strong. She shared her love of God with many and touched countless hearts. As she smiles down from heaven I can still hear her wonderful laugh. As we go through the grieving process my heart is filled with sadness but also happiness. happiness that I got to know this beautiful spirit. This is a gentle reminder to cherish your loved ones, life passes so quickly.

*the image above is from joyce vance blog. I chose this image for the delicate petals. Some of the flowers are faded and wilted but there is the one in the front, the beauty still shines strong.
Visit Joyces’ altered art blog. She makes fabulous art and she is such a sweetie.

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