this blog has been my online nesting place for quite a few years but the time has come for me to integrate my website and blog together. i’ve been working with a web designer for the last couple of months to do just that. i envision my new website as my new “nest” and it’s been coming together nicely. this nest symbol has been really strong lately, especially with the taking flight ecourse with kelly rae.

maybe some of you can relate to this conversation i had recently with my husband…let me preface it by saying, only a husband who is married to an artist knows that it doesn’t take diamonds, roses or the usual things to make their wives happy…sometimes it’s the small things that bring us to the happy tears….

a couple of weeks ago i was sitting at our dining room table chatting with my husband, I said out of the blue, “honey, pretty soon you are going to find a birds nest on your walk, when you do, please bring it home to me”. we’ve been married long enough now that he didn’t really question it, just repeated it back to me to be sure he heard me right. lovingly he said, “ok honey”. (mind you, he has never mentioned to me that he has seen a nest on his walk, i just thought that he would.)

a couple of days later i walked into one of the local hobby stores…and you know when you just sense that you’re going to find something cool? well i was there for about an hour, not really knowing what I was looking for…as i was making my way to the door…there it was…a rusty wired nest complete with a little bird…oh my, it had to be mine. i took it home and filled it withsome straw and a couple of my hearts.

then today i get a call at work, it’s the love of my life, 🙂 tim. he said “honey, i found that nest, do you really want me to bring it home.” oh my goodness this man really loves me…my heart is just melting.. I said, “yes, baby, i would like it please.”

i could hardly wait to get home to see this little treasure. it is an amazing work of art. it has a hard mud type wall, complete with a green leaf decoration, real grass straw and blue and white ribbons. a little gift from above….a message that the new nest will be just fine.

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