Paper Mache Heart

tejae paper mache heart

Using the paper mache (mash) clay recipe at Ultimate paper Mache I created this 11″x11″ heart.

I started it by drawing a heart shape onto some card board. Next I wadded up some newspaper and taped it together with masking tape (next time I’ll use wider tape). I also taped the bottom side of the heart. Then I covered the heart shape with a 1/4″  layer of paper mache. I smoothed it with a wet knife like jonni had recommended.

I let it dry for 2 days, then removed the paper so the inside could dry completely. After it was fully dry I painted it with gesso, then acrylic paint and gold spray paint. I drilled two holes and added a wire to hang.

This paper mache recipe is very hard and durable. I was surprised by the strength.

Check out jonni’s website for the paper mache recipe

have a creative week!


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