Pay it Forward for Military Families

I don’t have any relatives in the active military but my heart goes out to the military families and friends who have loved ones serving in this war. The “Pay it Forward” drawing on this blog will be in honor of all military families. If you belong to a military family, or have a friend or extended family member serving that would enjoy having one of my “loved” heart charms, please leave me a comment here today.

Then Wednesday morning December 12 (next week), I will pick the winning name out of a hat. At that time, I will post the winners name here and email you with further details. To enter, just leave a Christmas Wish with your name and email address. (If you would prefer to email me privately, that’s fine too.)

Winning name will receive 2 charms, one charm (for being so thoughtful) and one goes to your “loved” recipient. Just remember to Pay It Forward by using your talents to spread some joy to someone else.

Good luck. Many blessings to everyone this Christmas.
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