Personalized Pendant WINNER!

A big THANK YOU to the sweet, sweet comments you all left. thank you for the support and thank you for supporting me. 🙂

I asked for lucky subscriber comment number 10.

funny, i got 6 comments, 4 short….HEY let’s not let that stop us. Let’s choose a random winner. Using an age old non scientific way to pick a winner. Draw a name out of a hat!

Drum roll please…………….dddd ddddddd dddd ddddddd

m.e. Mary ellen, you are this month’s winner!!! YEA!! I will email you the information I need to create your one of a kind personalized keepsake. 🙂

I’ll get started on it right away after my vacation. 🙂

Thanks for participating everyone!!

Have a great week!

I’m turning 41 a week from today. (YIKES!!)

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