Photoshop Elements for Textile Design

photoshop elements design

Like many of you I am constantly learning new techniques that I can use in my artwork.

I’ve been working with photoshop elements for several years now and have been slowly testing out new tools in the program. PSE can be a bit overwhelming with all the layers, filters, and adjustments you can do so I went looking for a book to help me out. I’ve purchased the advanced photoshop books but they were not specialized enough for what I wanted to do, which is to create background patterns. Sure I can put a background together no problem but I’m interested in being efficient and building it in a way that is easy to change when I want to.

I came across Frederick Chipkin’s book Adobe Photoshop Elements for textile design. This spiral bound book is full of short cuts and tips! It’s set up for you to work through it in order, each chapter builds on the one before it. If you’re interested in digital design for your mixed media work you might enjoy this book. It retails between $50 (used) – $99 (new), totally worth the money.

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