Picking up old habits

cancun rocksI always get energized as we head into a new year and the possibilites of the goals we can reach. But if you know me, you know I’m also a bit impatient (ok, ALOT impatient). I get something in my head and next thing I know I’ve finished it before even giving it time to simmer. That was the case with this silly picture.

I use to paint all the time…years ago. It was put on the back burner as I learned metalsmithing and started working with polymer clay. Then out of the blue I get a wild hair to paint one of the pictures from our recent vacation…next thing you know…music is on, easel is set up with a canvas,  paints are organized and I’ve gotten to the end of this painting. It’s not perfect but I feel great about jumping in and getting it to this stage.

I posted it so I can look back on it later and remember that we can accomplish anything we put our minds too…we just have to focus, be present and get it done. I’m hoping this blip will help inspire me to paint more this year, portraits, landscapes, still lifes…I hope it inspires you to jump in and do that project that’s been tugging at you.

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