Playing with polymer clay

The fun items above are some practice polymer pieces. I was experimenting with mokume gane and shapes. (I was beginning to wonder if I could make anything other than a heart. 🙂 Yeepee, I can.) 🙂 Sorry about the color, I didn’t put them in the photo booth so they’re a little screaming bright.

I’ve been away so long it seems. I’ve been playing over on Flickr with the polymer clay artists guild of etsy. What a terrific-ly talented group of polymer people. 🙂 Please check out the members work at PCAGOE

I’ve also been busy working on a couple of custom pieces. They have to be ready for christmas. Once that’s off my plate, I’m hoping to create some new polymer pieces for etsy. 🙂 I also need to make some new November MailArt postcards to send to the random altered postcard group.
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