Polymer artists: Do you transfer images?

polymer transfer sheetI hope you had a nice weekend! It’s in the 70’s today in Colorado Springs. Really beautiful outside. However, I’m having fun in front on my computer, creating art for collage sheets. My plan is to offer them in my etsy shop. (exciting, right?)

I would like to offer several sizes. I haven’t created collage sheets before, so I started with domino size since it’s least intimidating to me. I will offer circles and squares.

Which makes me wonder…if you’re a polymer clay or mixed media artist, do you use collage sheets in your art work, or to transfer images onto polymer clay?

If you do, what’s your favorite size to use? If you could let me know, it would be super helpful. You can email me, post on my facebook page or let me know on my blog. Thank you!

♥ tejae



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