Polymer clay global perspectivesIn 2013 my artwork was published in several books including: Polymer Clay Global Perspectives book by Cynthia Tinapple. I’m one of the featured artists! yay! You can order it on Amazon by clicking the image. (Can you find my heart on the cover?)

  • Tips to create meaningful art that reflects your personality and vision
  • Behind-the-scenes profiles of 13 innovative artists in their studios
  • Step-by-step projects by contributors who share their signature methods, such as mokume  gane,extruded canes, andadapted glass-blowing techniques
  • Galleries showcasing the best of the best polymer work in jewelry, miniatures, sculpture, and much more



The polymer clay artists guideA directory of mixes, colors, textures, faux finishes and surface effects.

The Directory has three major categories. Each contains a Tile Library of effects created by the world’s best polymer clay artists.

  •     Inclusion and Additions — Cloisonné, using leaf, powders, brushes
  •     Surface Effects — Glazes, enameling, resins, tints, gels
  •     Texturing — Stamps, sheets, masks, stencils, frisket, creating textures
  •     Screen Printing — Making screens and tools, silk-screens, paints
  •     Embossing — Relief plates, embossing, bas relief, stamps
  •     Carving — Tools, sgraffito, carving through layers, incising
  •     Encaustic Effects — Working with wax, covering, embedding
  •     Decorative Embellishments — Securing objects of metal, wood, chain and found items
  •     Pavé Effects — Combining clay and beads, rhinestones, huichol beads
  •     Pre-Made Clay Finishes — Application methods and drying, liquid clays, lacquers, glazes.



Helens Shape book

I have two polymer pieces in Helen Breil’s wonderful Shapes book. Helen has beautifully illustrated and shown step by step how to achieve her wonderful pendant shapes in polymer clay. She’s also included the most amazing eye candy from other popular polymer clay artists using their take on her shapes. Truly inspiring!

  •  A 46 image gallery featuring the work of 29 renowned Polymer Clay and Metal Clay artists who have brought their unique artistry to the shapes introduced in this book.
  • For intermediate/advanced level metal clay artists looking for unique design ideas,  most of the shapes will work for you. The gallery section shows examples of 6 pieces done in metal clay.
  • PDF format book is specially formatted for easy reading on your iPad or any other 8″ high screen or monitor. Each page has been designed to allow easy reading of the page with no scrolling required.


Click on the Shapes book image to go to Helen’s website where you’ll find a free 20 page download FREE.


My polymer art has also been featured in PolymerCafe, 400 Polymer Clay Designs, Progress & Possibilities and Somerset Studio. I’ve also been featured on PolymerClayDaily several times (see below).

Polymer Clay Daily Features

Tejae on Polymer Clay DailyMy art is included in the publications below.