re Organizing the Studio

Do you ever get to a point creating in your studio or work space where you feel a little stuck? Items are getting lost or something is just missing?

I’ve been spending alot of time thinking of ways to make my studio more efficient. You should see it! IT looks like a tornado went through it. Seriously. YIKES.

I started by making a list of my work flow and items that I need close to me. I thought about my work process from start to finish. Since I work in several mediums I started with my clay table and what tools I need, what’s missing that would really help me and where the items go when I’m done with them. I thought about the areas or space I want to create to help support me and my work.

I used two helpful resources Jennifer Hoffmanns Inspired Home Office ebook “IHO Wish Kit” and Jo Packmans book Organizing your craft space. Both have great ideas on trusting yourself and giving yourself time to think through the plan before jumping in.

The first small least overwhelming item on the list was that I needed an inspiration board for my clay desk. In the past my inspiration images were stored underneath my glass work surface. Works great until I cover it up with supplies.

Yesterday I drove over to Goodwill to see if anything struck my fancy. I didn’t have anything in mind but I found 2 small cork boards ($3). (one for my polymer table and one for my mixed media table.) I brought them home, lightly sanded them and gave one a quick painting to give age it and make it a little more inspiring. I painted it first with a layer of red paint, then brown. I only lightly covered it so some of the faux wood is still showing through. Then I stamped on some copper paint using one of my favorite stamps. I had some little screw in hooks that I added so that I could display pendants and things. I love how it turned out.

Slowly cleaning up and working on the process. You should try it. It’s kinda fun.

Have a great weekend!

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