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Are you familiar with Donna Downey? She’s a mixed media artist who has several super fun how to’s on her website. She teaches online classes and sells amazing mixed media art supplies. I met her through her “inspired” art retreat years ago.

Anyhoo, several weeks ago I was one of her featured artists.  (I forgot to mention it here because the day it went live because the honey and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary. ha! better late than never, right?)

Donna has a feature called “Find out Fridays” where she chooses several artists to participate, and she sends the artists a “mystery” box including several art supply goodies. These art supplies must use in our individual art project. We don’t know who the other artists are and we’re given similar items to use. Each artist does something different.

On my video, you’ll see me opening the box fresh from the mailbox. Keep in mind we don’t know what we’re getting or how we’re going to use it until we open it.

One of the main items in my box was Rigid Wrap. I had never used it before but it was so easy and fun to use I most certainly will use it again!

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s similar to the material doctors use to make a cast for a broken arm. It comes in a cloth like roll and you simply cut into strips, wet and attach the strips to something and wait for it dry to harden. There is plaster powder on the cloth which is activated with water. You can smooth while its wet.  Once it hardens you can paint, ink, sand, etc. SO FUN!

I experimented with making a small mixed media art dress, using an unusual, but easily found item for the shape. I totally made this up on the spot. Check out my Artsy Dress video on Donna’s blog. You can purchase the art supplies that Donna sent me on her website shop.

I’m looking forward to actually planning out my next project. I hope you try it yourself! The possibilities are endless. I could have added fake flowers, collaged papers or added polymer clay embellishments. OR oh! I could have sculpted a doll body!! Maybe next time!! If you do try it, come back to my blog or fb and show me your project.

Artsy Dress by Tejae

For more inspiration here’s a link to Pinterest showing various projects made with Rigid Wrap. Its non toxic and safe for kids too!




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