Sew Cute: little doll dress

stitched heart

I’ve been playing around with my sewing machine and learning how to use it. I learn best by just doing and then when I run into trouble, pull out the manual.

That’s been working pretty well, learned how to thread it correctly and have been adding stitching to just about anything that isn’t being worn by someone.  Then last night I got my first jam, took the bobbin case apart, pulled out all the thread, tried it again…still jammed. After several failed attempts I pulled out the manual, apparently somewhere along the line the thread had gotten out of whack, so I re-threaded the whole machine and now it works like a charm again.

I’ve been totally inspired by Ruth Raes book “Layered, tattered and stitched“. 

layered, tattered & stitched

I tried my hand at creating her cute little dress. It’s not exactly like Ruth’s, mine has a little lace and a button and I wanted to try out hidden seams instead of rough that was fun. 

I’ll be making more of these. 


doll dress

Wanna play along? What color should I do next? What elements should I add to the next one?

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