Enchanting Crowns Class Review by Jainnie
“Tejae engages her students with a wonderful challenge in her Enchanting Crowns class. If you know the basics, you will definitely have fun following along as you create your own precious crowns. What I love is that Tejae is very thorough in her descriptions and directions. A supply list is given, with advice on where to find particular items, but you still have options for certain materials. You can use what she uses, or deviate a bit to give your crowns your own personal touch. If you have experience with polymer clay, you will have an easier time knowing what will work with the construction and finish of your pieces. But of course, Tejae will guide you through the process, so no worries!

As a student, you are given many options, leaving the final result open-ended. Tejae encourages you to use your artistic judgment and creativity to decide how you want your piece to look. There are no cookie cutter crowns to be found here. 🙂

There are quite a few steps in this class, but the end results are fabulous. You will find that this class teaches you more than making Enchanting Crowns. There are so many tips and tricks, fun ways to utilize and alter rubber stamped images, and options for finishing. I appreciate that I’ve learned a lot of techniques from Tejae that I can carry over into other claying adventures. And if you ever have any questions, Tejae is always more than happy to help you out. She loves hearing about your experience with her classes, and she loves seeing your finished work. Take this class, you’ll be “enchanted” by your results! “

Encased Heart Class Review by Melody Felipe

“I am a very big fan of tejae’s hearts. When i learned she was offering an online class at CraftArtEdu.com i wasted no time and signed up for it. This class proved a double treat for me. I learned tejae’s secrets in making nice puffy hearts PLUS a shell to encase my hearts in. With the simple, clear and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions which can be done at your very own pace, there is no way you cannot make a gorgeous heart of your own. Thank you Tejae for being so accommodating and for sharing tips beyond the workshop. I am looking forward to your next class.

I made a beautiful mask!!! Review by sharonmarie
Hi everyone, I was approached to make a mask for an exhibit at a local shop. I had no idea where to begin. I saw Tejae’s class and decided to take it. My mask turned out beautiful and I have someone who wants to buy it and another one!!! Plus I was so inspired by Tejae’s class that I made another mask. This one Steampunk themed. Thanks Tejae for the great class and the inspiration. Sharon Marie (Posted on 10/29/12)
Enchanting crown boxes Review by jddimaster
This is a great class video for crown boxes! The video and pdf document are both very easy to follow – Tejae is very precise. I’ve made three boxes in the last two days and will making many more for holiday gifts! Thanks, Tejae (Posted on 10/22/12)
Enchanting Crowns Class Review by Laura
Loved this online class…the instructions were very clear and simple to follow. The crowns look like they may difficult to make, as they are so elegantly detailed, but Tejae made the instruction simple and easy to follow. Both the written and online insturctions were exceptional and made very easy to follow. Making the crowns were just as much fun as making the encased hearts! Cannot wait for her next class… (Posted on 7/4/12)