Silver Loved Charm

Early on while I was sculpting polymer clay, I recieved requests for jewelry pieces. My pieces are usually pretty small and were quite delicate if not handled properly. So I started looking for other alternative materials for jewelry.

I decided to try out silver. I found out there are several ways to make a piece of silver jewelry. You can use the lost wax process, or work directly with sheets of silver as in silversmithing or use pmc (precious metal clay). If you haven’t heard of pmc yet…google it. 🙂

My personal favorite is using the lost wax process. That’s how I created the silver “loved” charm shown here. The process goes a little something like this…I start out using a sheet of wax, I make my design by shaping and stamping the wax, then I have the wax piece cast using melted .925 silver. It comes out as a solid .925 silver piece.

I’ve tried pmc and found the clay a little sticky to work with and after curing it, it didn’t seem as durable (dense) as real silver. I’m inspired by the pmc artists. PMC Supply has recently opened a new gallery with pmc artists work. Also, if I haven’t mentioned before I love tools!! PMC Supply has plenty!!

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