Sneak Peek: Decorative Pens class

Decorative PensLuckily I have the best of both “work” worlds, I love my full time job (it’s creative and I get to work with interesting friendly people) and on my free time I get to make my own art. Who could ask for more? The trick for me is to sprinkle little artful trinkets throughout my work day to keep me on task for my creative studio time, which comes later.

For example, outside of my studio, every Monday thru Friday, I drive to my day job. I work in a typical office environment made up of cubicles, co-workers, creative types and “to do” lists.

Part of my job consists of making “to do” lists and signing off (approving) art designs. We get most of our pens from a bulk supply company and most of them look alike, and I am always losing my pens!

In the back of my mind, I kept thinking, “I should decorate my pens with polymer clay”, then if I leave one in someones office, it has my name on it, everyone would know they are mine and they’d come back to me. (yes!)

I’m going for it! … and I’m in the process of doing just that. I’m also taking the opportunity to build a class around it, in case, you too want to sprinkle a little of your art into your regular day. (However, be warned, there is a slight possibility that the decorative polymer clay pens will look so amazing no one will want to return them!) ha!

This new polymer clay “Decorative Pen” online class will be available on CraftArtEdu in March. We’ll explore several techniques for sprucing up your pens and there will also be an added bonus that I’ll reveal soon.

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