Stamps for polymer clay

alphabet stampsOver the last week, I’ve gotten several private emails on facebook asking me about my stamps, where to get stamps, what kinds of stamps i use, if I have a favorite brand of stamps I prefer. There is no way I could show you all the stamps I have because I kinda have too many. ha! But I will share with you a few (which is still alot!)  I love stamps. I have metal stamps, rubber stamps, mounted and unmounted stamps. I love them all. I store the small sets in a drawer like this (above).

Small alpha stampsI have even smaller sets that I store in a Plano brand utility box with a lid and adjustable dividers (walmart, check the fishing area, they are cheaper and bigger than the ones in the craft section. Also Plano plastic works well with polymer clay). These are the types of alpha stamps you can get at any office supply store, the ones that look like matches aren’t made anymore, they clip together (i dont use them clipped together) and the white ones I got at michaels or hobby lobby, can’t remember. When I use alpha stamps, i use them one at a time. I usually spray a little puddle of water on my glass work surface and dip the stamps each and every time I use it. So that the clay doesn’t get stuck inside the stamp.

StampsThe image above is a small section of a book shelf I have sitting on my craft table that has mounted rubberstamps on it. Alot of times I will buy one of these and immediatly remove the rubber from the back of the stamp so that I can run it through my pasta machine with my sheet of clay.

unmounted stampsAnd this is how I store the unmounted stamps. For the clear stamps you can see in the background I leave them on the plastic sheet. I rarely remove them, know why? they get lost. ha! The red stamps used to be mounted, those are ones I’ve removed from the block. I try to remove it from the cushion, so that i just have the rubber part. That way if i want to remount it at some time in the future i’ve kept the cushion attached to the wood part.

My favorite stamps to use for words are deeply etched stamps. No I don’t have a preference or brand that I like the most. I simply look at the rubber of the stamp and see if it’s going to work well for me or not. If you use deeply etched stamps you can press them into clay further leaving a really good impression. The other stamps, that aren’t deeply etched can still work you just don’t push them in as far otherwise it distorts the impression.

Take a look at your stamps, do you have some that are beveled and some with straight sides? The beveled ones are the ones you don’t want to press into the clay too much, otherwise you’ll have a hard time reading the words. 🙂

Have a great weekend! Heading up to see Marie tomorrow with Jainnie. I can hardly wait!

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