Studio Tour: mini cutters

tejaes studio cutters

Isn’t it fun to take a peek inside artists studios? You’re invited into my studio.

tejaes studio tour cutters

I’ll start the tour with this little glimpse into my collection of mini cutters. Do all polymer clay artists love tools as much as I do?? I purchased this table/cabinet from my best buddy, Joan. It’s a great cabinet. The drawers alternate between drawers with divider sections like the one shown and drawers with no dividers. I enjoy separating my collection of goodies.

mini cutters

 I turn my plunge cutters (in the middle) upside down so I can see their shape. If they’re right side up it’s hard to tell.

If you’ve never used mini cutters here’s a couple of examples. First, roll out a sheet of clay to your desired thickness. Some people use cornstarch or powder to dip their cutter into before attempting to cut the clay. I dip my cutter into a little puddle of water, then cut out the shape. You can attach unbaked clay pieces together then bake. This will bond them together. Like the mini heart below.  marry me heart art

Or, you can cut out pieces and bake them on a tile and once they are cool, push them into unbaked clay for a mosiac effect. That’s what I did for the tiles on the sides of this heart.

southwestern heart

I pushed a few teeny tiny tiles onto the kokipelli. Then baked it all together.southwestern heart art

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to having you over again real soon! 

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