Sweet Home Alabama

Ever get homesick? It’s been several years since I ventured home to Alabama. I’ve been really missing it for a couple of years, but you know… work is busy, there’s always things to do here, so I kept putting it off…meanwhile, having a little hole in my heart, longing to visit family, seeing the beautiful green trees and lushness of home (and feeling that humidity).

Tim, (aka my awesome husband) thought he’d surprise me with a trip home for us, so we could celebrate my birthday there. (It is the big 40 after all!!) We’re leaving tomorrow morning.

He’s never been back home with me. I was half afraid to take him home with me because I was afraid he’d fall in love with the lush green landscape and totally laid back style. I was a little afraid I wouldn’t get him back on the plane to come home to Colorado. We shall see! 🙂

Wish me luck!! (lol)

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