Tagged Twice!

I’ve been tagged by Julie and Amber. oh my!
Julie, here goes… This is a picture of and my big brother, Turner Jr. I’m the one in the diapers! I’m a year and a half.

taken a picture completely naked? yes
danced in front of a mirror naked? Technically I don’t think you could call it dancing.
had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? sure.
been arrested? Nope.
seen someone die? yes, but I was only 2-ish.
kissed a picture? sure
slept in until 5pm? not that I remember
fallen asleep at work? Not yet.
held a snake? Yes
ran a red light? A few times.
been suspended from school? Unfortunately yes.

pole danced? If only I were that coordinated
been fired from a job? no
sang karaoke? Really, really, really badly.
done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? yes, unfortunately.
laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? no but that would be funny

laughed until you peed? pretty close
caught a snowflake on your tongue? yes
kissed in the rain? yes
made love in the rain? Not yet, does the shower count?
sang in the shower? Of course
gave your private parts a nickname? Lol, uh, no.
ever gone to work without underwear? Uh, why? nope
sat on a rooftop? yes
played chicken? yes
broken a bone? yes, collar bone
flashed someone? Yes, my honey
mooned someone? Yes, my honey
skinny dipped? yes
ever been in a fist fight? yes
shaved your head? nope
slept naked? sure
kissed a rockstar? Kissed my son on the check and I think he’s a rockstar.
had a crush on a movie star? sure
blacked out from drinking? Maybe, I don’t remember (hee-hee)
break someone’s heart? i have
someone break your heart? yep
played a prank on someone? yes
been in a mosh pit? yes
had a gym membership? yes
felt like killing someone? uhm, no
break something in anger? yes
truly hated someone? for a short moment
felt like smacking someone in the face? yes
cried over someone you were in love with? yes
had Mexican jumping beans as pets? no
been in a band? no
been in a movie? nope
shot a gun? yes
shot a bow and arrow? yes
played strip poker? nope
donated blood? no but my organs will be donated
ever jump out of an airplane? yes
been to more than 10 countries? no

~Don’t forget to post a photo of yourself, when you were young AND what are the top 5 things on your ultimate wishlist (if money weren’t an object)?
1. a beautifully decorated and organized art studio
2. a dream house in the country with the love of my life and dh
3. live in another country for a while
4. travel with my husband, visit Santorini, Greece, Italy, Germany, Puerto Rico, Costa Rico
5. teach creative workshops

Amber here’s the answers to your questions.

Name six weird things about yourself.
1. I don’t like touching a bar of soap if I’m not in the shower.
2. “Cell” is a difficult word for me to say.
3. I don’t like licorice.
4. I’m not afraid of snakes.
5. I’m afraid of centipedes.
6. I have a funny little voice I use to speak for my dog.

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