Teesha & Tracy Moore

My last post was about ArtFest and I failed to mention the admirable hosts Teesha and Tracy Moore. I can’t wait to meet them. Teesha has an extremely cool website Teesha Moore including several of her passions, Art & Life magazine, visual journals, collage sheets, her alternative rubberstamp company zettiology, just to name a few…check it out. It’s funky, bizarre and a little weird. If you need a burst of creativity, it’s the place to go. Her website was created by her daughter Tiphoni .

Also, sorry I haven’t posted any new work lately. I’m working on SEVERAL projects, some so fast I haven’t had time to photograph them! Hopefully in the next few days I’ll post something new.

I’ve been working on some new silver charms. As you may know I design my silver pieces out of jeweler’s wax and then have my pieces cast in sterling silver. I just dropped off a few tiny items to be cast. It will take several days for them to be completed. I’ll post them when I get them back. I’m also working on a new encased heart for miss kelly, an ad for a friend and some custom charms. whew!

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