TIP: Polymer machine with motor

Pasta machine with motor for polymer clayI change around my studio quite often to make it more efficient for me to work in. When I’m in experimenting mode, I  like to have my “idea” or “experiments” notebook nearby. Ideally on the small desk next to my desk. But with my pasta machine located there, it got crowded pretty quick.

I was recently at a polymer retreat where we were sharing a machine with a motor and I noticed it wasn’t  clamped down.

I couldn’t wait to try placing my pasta machine with motor directly on my desk, without the clamp. I have a foot pedal to turn it on underneath my desk. (It was a bit uncomfortable to twist to the side each time I wanted to condition clay.)

To counterbalance the motor (so the machine doesn’t fall over,) I added a small bottle underneath the motor. It seems to work fine!!

Now I have plenty of room for my huge notebook on my side table. Bonus, I’m not twisting my body.

I also discovered I can update my blog from my phone!! I’ll begin posting more often.

If you have a studio tip, I’d love to hear it. Share on FB or my blog. Thanks for reading.


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