what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.
-friedrich nietzsche
it makes us stronger and it also shapes us into the beautiful people we become.
The truth is bad things happen to good people. Unfortunately that is how life is sometimes. the trick is to set aside for a moment the hurt, disappointments, anger, bitterness, vulnerability and realise…what happens to us does not define who we are. i’ve had my share of bad experiences in my life but the great thing is, we can become whatever type of person we want to be. we don’t have to give our personal power over to people who have harmed us, or bad experiences or remain victim to our fears. ..we have a choice to be fearless and live our lives to the fullest regardless of what has happened to us. sure it may seem scary. we start with baby steps, by speaking up or challenging our beliefs. we will make mistakes and we may not always be graceful but if we simply try to let go and open ourselves up to truly LIVING life to the fullest, we will have moments of triumph and we will live larger lives than we ever imagined…..I’m blessed not only by the good things that have happened to me but also by the bad. We can’t grow if only good happy things happen to us.
hoping you have a happy 4th of july!
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