Unmounted Stamps

Out of sight out of mind. That’s how I feel about unmounted stamps. If I don’t see them I forget to use them. Most polymer clay artists that I know have so many unmounted rubber stamps that it’s hard to keep track of them. I found this tutorial on Michelle Wards blog and decided to try it. (by the way, Michelle creates very awesome unmounted stamps, check them out while you’re there!).

Ok back to mounting the stamps. It’s very simple to do and I highly recommend it if you want to permanently mount your stamps efficiently and affordably. The foam is very dense, easy to cut and lightweight. My supplies were under $10. The gel formula contact cement from Dap was very hard to find in Colorado Springs. I called around to several places before I found it at the newer Lowe’s (union/powers area). Cost: $4.50. Garden kneeling pad (several places had sold out) I found mine at Home Depot on Woodmen Road. Cost: $2.99. Foam brushes several in a package for $1 at the dollar store.

You’ll need :
a well venilated area (please do this outside)
contact cement (Dap, gel formula)
foam brushes
kneeling pad
utility knife (use new blades!)

Brush the contact cement onto the kneeling pad, set aside to dry. (approx. 20 minutes). Turn unmounted stamps bottom side up and brush with contact cement. Very important to let the contact cement dry before sticking them to the kneeling pad. You’ll get a better connection. When contact cement has dried, firmly press each piece of rubber onto the kneeling pad. I don’t think it was necessary but after I placed all the rubber pieces, I turned it upside down and put a flat piece of wood with a weight on top of the kneeling pad to ensure a nice tight bond. I only waited about 30 minutes and then I cut each stamp apart using a utility knife. easy, easy.

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