Valentine Heart Giveaway

Anyone else love Valentine’s Day like I do? I’m not so into all the commercialism but I do like the romantic gestures, candle lit dinner with my honey, talking with him about us and remembering how we fell in love. Planning our future…You know all that mushy stuff. I can’t imagine life will ever be long enough to get enough of him. 🙂

In the spirit of love, sharing art with friends, and Valentine’s Day I would like to give away one of my polymer clay hearts. If you’re interested, just leave a little love note here or send me a private email. Tell me in a sentence or two what or who you love.

On February 7th I will have my son draw one of your lucky names out of a heart shaped box. I’ll post the winner’s name on my blog and contact you by email to claim your prize. I’ll get your snail mail address at that time and in the mail the little heart will go. Wanna play??

Go ahead leave a love note…you know you want to. 🙂


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