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Here are a few things I’ve been working on recently. They’re not finished, just works in progress. The top image is an encased heart. I carved out the image transfer underneath a layer of clay. The image in the middle is an idea I’m working on for silver charms. I still need to add the loop at the top for a cord. And the last image is also an image transfer underneath a layer of clay. I still want to add color and smooth out the edge around the image. I’ll post the finished piece when I get there.
Just curious, have you ever had those moments when your art work just doesn’t feel right? Like it wants to morph into something new? I can feel myself on a new creative path and moving into unfamiliar terrritory, subtle shifts and a little chaos. Hanging on until I get back into my groove. ha! Trying to enjoy the process but I’m not the most patient person.

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