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A couple of years back I noticed people choosing a word they wanted the new year to represent. A personal theme for the year. grow, fly, soar, open, family, community, peace, soulful, trust, learn, abundance, stretch… one word to focus on year long.  I love this idea! Thank you Ali Edwards.

Last year, I thought about it for several days, then finally chose a word that resonated with me… “success” was my word. all small caps because it wasn’t about fortune and fame, it was about following through on getting my passion back, exploring and experimenting. Even if an experiment failed, the “success” was in just taking action.  I wrote “success” down and displayed it on my desk. Everyday I saw it, read it and reflected on it. I’ve got to tell you, it was pretty powerful. It was a daily reminder of my larger goal for the year. I really enjoyed the process.

So I’m doing it again this year. My word(s) this year “DREAM big”. A personal reminder to stay on my artistic journey,  new opportunities, reconnecting with the art community and having fun with the process.

In celebration of  the “Word” of the year, I made myself a wall charm shown above. It will hang in my office near my desk so I can look at it everyday.

Have you chosen your word yet? I would be so happy to make you one too, with your chosen word. The charm is small and can hang on a cork board, or wall, or if you wanted it as a pendant we can leave off the dangle.  (I’ve mocked up another hanging option on the right.) These are available now in my etsy shop.

Like the idea but want a different color or pattern, no problem, I can make one uniquely for you, just mention it when you’re placing your order.

So my friend, what’s your word for the new year?

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