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kristens encased heart made of polymer clay by tejae floyde.Anke Humpert WINNERHello! What an exciting day! I get to choose a winner of my encased heart that I made for kristen.

You all have been great with your support and going along with us on this fundraising journey. Together we raised just over $1, 200 for kristen with donations and items purchased from her shop. Thank you, we couldn’t have gotten this far without you. Although Kristen didn’t raise all the money she needed for her trip, she isn’t giving up! Failure isn’t an option, and it will happen. We have a few ideas to make it happen. Once it has happened, and her rubber stamp store is live, I’ll share the news right here on my blog.

As you can see from our Random Number Generator Anke Humpert has won my encased heart!! Anke and Barb donated twice and got two entries. As luck would have it, Anke’s number came up. YAY!! Congratulations Anke!! I’ll contact you right away to get your address. Thank you for participating.

Ok, now for some more goodies for all of YOU! 

Thank you all for helping spread the word and for your donations. I’ve created two free “friendship” downloads for you as a thank you for supporting and helping us with the fundraiser! I made these digital collages small (3×5 and 3×4) so you can print it out and paste it into your art journal, or post on your bulletin board, put in a frame, etc…as a reminder that I consider you a great friend. (by the way, this is the first time I’ve tried adding a pdf to my blog, if you have problems downloading, please email me right away.)  Thanks so MUCH! And have a fabulous weekend.

Free PDF Downloads:

Frienship thumbnail      Butterfly Friendship thumbnail

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