Workshops & Online Classes

2017-2018 Workshops:


Polymer Clay Adventure Online Retreat 2018

tejae polymer clay adventurePCA has 24 classes on-demand to watch any time, as many times as you like. Classes are posted on January 1 2018. Before that, you can download your supply lists, meet other members, and join in the pre-retreat activities!

My fun class “Stand Out Transfers” is an alternative way to incorporate black and white transfers!



Online class: Spinner Hearts @ CraftCast 


tejae spinner heart
Spinner Hearts


Tejae Floyde shares her step-by-step process for creating playfully interactive polymer clay “spinner heart” treasures.

Enjoy your front row seat as Tejae shows you how to hand-sculpt a variety of shapes, and reveals how you can adorn your pieces with personalized design elements and text.

You will learn through close-up video how to add a fun, functional spinner embellishment, that you can spin in those times when you need a little help with life’s burning questions, it’s like a magic 8 ball! Only you get to choose the answers you want to include!

On your journey with Tejae you will be introduced to several finishing techniques that will elevate your art, giving it a soulful, romantic feel.

These unique conversation pieces will delight for years to come as you uncover the answers to life’s mysteries with a spin of the arrow.


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