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Studio Tour

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A quick walk-through of my recently reorganized art studio. (There's no sound or music.)

Organizing Tips: Before starting, plan out your intention for using the space.

Polymer Clay Before and After

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How To:

Conditioned scrap clay, simple flower stamp and cutters from Leslie's CleverClayShop. After I baked them I colored with prismacolor pencils and added a coat of clear liquid sculpey.

May Polymer clay Experiment: Acrylic paint veneers

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Preview Image: 

The last couple of weeks I've been fasicinated with polymer clay veneers. I am mostly playing with white clay (premo or souffle) and stamps and acrylic paint. I absolutely love how easy and fun it is. 

I sat down at my work table with no real plan, just to add some paint to polymer clay and see what happens. I would encourage you to try this. Tip: allow each layer of paint to air dry before adding more layers. Have fun! ♥

polymer clay big heart with veneer 

A few more veneers:


Hello Video

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My video setup for recording how to videos

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Polymer Clay Sugar Skulls

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Our October project in my "Tejae's Art club" will be these fun Sugar skulls. You don't want to miss this fun project.

Video will be live next week. ♥



Art Journal exploration & getting started

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How do you start an art project?

I generally start by jotting down a note in my art journal. This is a special place that I keep my experiments and notes. I have a small one to keep track of random ideas that I carry everywhere. The larger one stays in my studio. I use it mostly to jot down big projects and keeping track of steps in a project. (this helps me to remember specifics when I come back to it months later)

My note might include a little rough sketch and sometimes a mind map. It may sit there in my notebook for a couple of days before I can get too it again.

Mail Art Polymer Clay Envelope Seals

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I'm so far behind on sending out mail art to my mail art partner that I've been thinking up ways to do it quicker but still have a uniqueness to them. I think I came up with a great solution for months I don't have time to get out the mail art supplies, paint, stamps, markers, etc. I use stationery from punch studio, then use a custom envelope seal.

Image transfer videos for raw or baked polymer clay

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Alternative image transfer methods using regular printer paper and a laser printer.
Check out these videos:

Transfer images to raw clay using regular printer paper.

Transfer images to baked clay using regular printer paper.



March Madness

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Disclaimer: This post is not about sports. LOL

What a month this has been! So many fun projects I'm working on. I can't spill the beans just yet but I will later on this week. What I can share is that I'm having an awesome time in Tejae's Art Club, sharing behind the scenes, experiments and projects. 

To hold you over, here's a sneak peek of one of the projects I've been working on. I'll tell you more about it on Wednesday! Stay Tuned...

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