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How do you start an art project?

I generally start by jotting down a note in my art journal. This is a special place that I keep my experiments and notes. I have a small one to keep track of random ideas that I carry everywhere. The larger one stays in my studio. I use it mostly to jot down big projects and keeping track of steps in a project. (this helps me to remember specifics when I come back to it months later)

My note might include a little rough sketch and sometimes a mind map. It may sit there in my notebook for a couple of days before I can get too it again.

A mind trick for keeping the energy of the inspiration, is to start collecting the supplies I "might" need. I place them in a plastic container. This process of collecting the supplies helps me to go a little deeper in my creative process because I can start to see the potential. I squeeze this process in between working my part time job. So I have a couple of days to think about it. During this process, several options start to emerge, several very different paths I "could" choose to take. I usually limit it to 1-3 ideas in one plactic bin. That allows me to get it out of my head and into the physical world. Once I'm focuse and ready to start the project I look through the items and get inspired all over again.

How about you? Do you sit down and start pulling your items together right there in one sitting and start on the project? Or do you take your time. Share below. I'd love to know.



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