Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018


New Year, new website. Why not, right?

Do you have your new word for the year? What about your goals or a new resolution?

What I discovered in 2017 is that as a visual person, vision boards work way better for me than a word or a resolution. With lots of life changes last year, getting laid off, having 6 months severance to figure out what I wanted to do next, getting opportunities and being able to say YES to them.

My vision board (shown above) helped me stay focused on my goals. One goal was to "make art that sells". I took action by taking several online training programs to help me gain new skills. Two in particular helped me grow as a designer and make money with my designs.

1) Intro to Surface Pattern Design: Learn Adobe Illustrator offered through skillshare,

2) purchasing and learning to use Affinity, which is similar to Illustrator but significantly less inexpensive.

With the new knowledge I was able to collaborate with CreateAlong and design my first new collection. yay!

I want to encourage you to try a vision board. It doesn't need to be perfect. You want to decide 3-5 goals that you want to focus on then find imagery. You can use images from magazines that you cut and paste onto a large poster or even a 8.5x11 sized paper. The trick to using the vision SEEING it. Place copies of it where you see it every day. I have several copies, one as a background on my pc, a copy posted on my corkboard in my office, a copy in my studio and even a copy as the background on my cell phone. Try it. Let me know what you think about it.

I'm in the process of creating a 2018 vision board. Some of the imagery and goals I want to include is being more active with the people in my online art communities. I want to grow professionally and I would love to help you grow too. Let's do this together.

I want to blog more, I want to offer items in my shop. These items will range from my heart art with meaningful messages, jewelry, tutorials (pdf's & videos), and instant downloads. It won't all happen right away, it will be a progression. You're invited to come along with me as I share the progression of my projects right here on my blog.

In sharing more of my creative process, I hope it will inspire you to take action or maybe it will prompt you to share your process with me. I'd love to hear about your goals and creative processes too. What inspires you to stay on track with your goals? Tell me in the comments.

Thank you for letting me share. Welcome to my new place online.



Thanks for your post, Tejae! I will definitely give vision boards another try. It makes sense that if you see your goals, you’re reminded of your goals, and more likely to work towards and achieve those goals! Thanks also for posting about the Skillshare class and the Affinity program. That’s something I’ve been interested in learning, and I’m glad there are more affordable avenues to explore this!

Keep up your great work and your informative, inspiring posts. Your website relaunch is awesome!

Thanks for your comment Jainnie. I believe when we see our vision boards posted in all our familiar places, it goes into our subconscious. Then we start making things happen fast and easy without giving much thought about it.
I look forward to sharing more this year. Stay tuned. ❤️

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