Hello from my new studio

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Hello friends! Tim and I moved into our new home.Yaaay... and as excited as we were to move, good grief I think we both forgot how much work it is! We still have lots to do and boxes to unpack but we are here and starting the process of making it a home. yay!

About my studio space. I have real walls!! Yippeee.

My last studio was in an unfinished basement with concrete walls. I love having real walls. lol The possibilities are endless, right? My plan is to use the walls for inspiring art of course but also for planning. Especially the wall right above my desk. I'm going to attempt to plan my art schedule using sticky notes. But first I have to get my thoughts down on paper. Which will be very soon.

I'm intentionally taking my time to set up my new studio. My desire is for it to be an efficient working studio that combines my computer work, video making and mixed media, polymer clay (messy work) all in one space. In order to do that, I don't want to add items into the room unless it serves a purpose. I also want to eliminate a few things I've already placed in the room that arrived with the plastic storage drawers from the old studio. Several items I no longer need or use. There is a closet right as you come into the studio that has boxes and boxes of things from the old studio. I figure I'll keep them boxed until I need them. This will be good indicator of what needs to be let go. Simplifying for working efficiently is my ultimate goal.

I'm planning to use the natural light from the window for videos. I love that my computer is in this room so when I'm making new collections I can try things out right on the polymer clay.

With that in mind, here's a view of my studio as it is today. I'm missing 3 pieces of furniture that are still in the garage. Also, I have my work laptop set up temporarily to get caught up with my 9-5 work. The laptop doesn't belong in here so it will be removed soon.

I know it's kinda a mess but I'm super excited about the space and  wanted to share it with you so that you can see the progression with me! What do you think? Do you have any studio organizing tips you'd like to share? Leave a comment below. Don't be shy, I love hearing from you.



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