How does she do it?

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I don't know about you but when I see someone succeeding, whether it be in their art, business or family, for a split second I wonder, how the heck does she do ALL that?

I'm impressed and a little discouraged that I'm not at the same level as someone else. What we may not take into consideration is that they may have been working hard behind the scenes for years to get to where they are at now. Making a few mistakes along the way, setbacks, etc. We can't peek inside someones day for a split second and think that they just showed up on earth that way. HA! We all have different skills, thoughts and support systems around us that help us succeed. We each have to run our own race, go at our own pace, start where we are and grow from there. As much fun as it is to imagine living someone elses life, it's better to live our own life, take our own risks, fail or succeed our own way and decide what's best for us. I encourage you to stop making excuses and just start where you are with your next project. Give it sufficient time to succeed. Above all be yourself and don't let self doubt stop you.



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