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A quick walk-through of my recently reorganized art studio. (There's no sound or music.)

Organizing Tips: Before starting, plan out your intention for using the space.

ZONES: Having work "zones" helps keep things organized. (even if your studio is your kitchen table) My zones are "supplies" (plastic drawers), "photography" (area by window, nice natural light and I have a container that holds patterned paper near it for using in the background of my photos), "sewing machine", "stationery" (wicker drawers), 2 work tables, one for clay and one for wax carving. Computer zone with printer, "baking", "books" and a desk for packing and shipping products (black desk includes packing tape, labels and shipping boxes.)

GROUP: Group like things together, "clay", "tools" "pencils", "acrylic paints", "oil paints", "mounted stamps", "unmounted stamps" "alpha stamps" "sheet metal", "sandpaper", etc If you have many of a particular grouping, like "tools" you may need to break it down even further by type of tool, "pliers", "files", "heat guns", "metal stamps", "cutters" etc

Group things you use together near each other. Colored pencils would have paper pads nearby.

LABEL: Add labels to plastic drawers and containers so that you know what's inside. It also makes it easy to put things back where they belong.


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