Would you like to know what inspires my new collections?

I have really enjoyed creating new collections for CreateAlong. The tools are super easy to use with polymer clay, pmc or mixed media. The scale is intended to be used to create jewelry with but it would also work for other small scale uses, fairy doors, book pendants, covering tool handles, etc.

I thought it would be fun to share the story and inspiration behind my collections. So far I have 3, Secret Garden, Romance and my newest collection called Enchantment. If all goes well, Enchantment will be available in August 2018.


Secret Garden was inspired by my love of being outdoors tending to the several flower beds I have around the house. Over the 10 years that we've lived here, the flower beds include some of my favorite daisy type flowers inlcluding pink and white cosmos, pink coneflowers, black eyed susans, yellow coreopsis. Also several perrennials like pink or blue phlox, salvia, day lilies and roses. When we first moved in I would plant several annuals for the bright colors but I learned over the years that if you choose your perrennials by when they bloom you can have year round flowers with much less maintainence. The animals help me plant flowers too. A couple of years ago they brought bee balm and several other pretty varieties that I never found the name to. The squirrels have planted peanuts. I let the plants grow until the squirrels dig them back up. I love the little butterfly, lady bug and dragonfly visitors.


Romance collection was inspired by love letters written and received between sweethearts. If you look closely at the Romance silkscreen (below: middle image) you can see handwritten text, swirls and flowers. I imagined that the stax stamps could be used to create faux wax seals, used to close the envelope with the love letter inside.


The Enchantment collection includes Stax, texture mat, silkscreen, cutters and MTP. The design elements are a unicorn, sun, hummingbird, regal patterns and a dragonfly. It was inspired by memories of my childhood. Way before social media and all the distractions we have today, as kids we were encouraged to be outside and use our imagination. My siblings and I would play for hours outside making up stories of magical places that included trolls, unicorns, or us flying on the backs of hummingbirds or dragonflies and having magical powers. I wanted to include whimsical elements that can be mixed and matched. The stax unicorn, hummingbird and dragonfly can be used as is or cut out and layered over the decorative stax backgrounds. Something to think about when you use them in your creative work is to understand what they symbolize or represent. Unicorns symbolize purity, innocence, healing and infinite possibilities. Hummingbirds are thought to bring love, good luck, healing and joy. Dragonflies represent transformation and adaptability. I can't wait to get the whole collection.

Enchantment collection will be available in August. I'll announce it here when it goes live. Stay tuned for some fun projects I'm working on now and will be adding soon using this collection.

I'm always thrilled to see what you create with the collections. If you send me an image of your creation using any of my collection, I would be happy to share it here on my blog for others to see.




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