Hi! My name is Tejae. I'm married to Tim. We love to travel, mostly to Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is our favorite town with the cobblestone streets, aged buildings and beautiful churches.

Although I'm originally from Alabama, I've lived in  Colorado Springs, Colorado for many years. During nice weather months you'll find me getting my hands dirty in the several flower beds we have around our house. Seeing everything blooming and colorful makes me happy.

During the first part of the week M-W, I'm an art director/merchandising manager for a fun, "colorful" catalog. Our catalog is a mix of designed paper products (stationery & labels) that I have the pleasure of picking artwork for and we have hard goods. I basically get to "shop" for new products to place in our catalog. It's a lot of work but I love my day job.

When I'm not working or gardening, I'm in my art studio, inside my house, which makes it convenient. I'm a mixed media artist. I work primarily in polymer clay but I also work in other medias. My artwork has been published in several books and magazines. In 2017 I started designing craft tools/supplies for mixed media and polymer clay.

I hope to share my passion with you as I begin this new creative journey. OH! I'm also a grandmother to baby, Melody. The daughter of our son, Tim and his wife Stacey. ♥ Life is good. God has blessed us.

Be sure to drop me an email or contact me through my contact form to say hello, request a workshop or if you have a question.