Lovely Charms

Lovely Charms


Hefty little silver charms are .925 sterling silver. They feel smooth against your skin. They feature loving reminders and little decorative elements.

Size: 1/2" wide x 3/4 tall"

A perfect gift for a loved one, sister, friend, mother or even for yourself,

.925 silver charm comes hanging on an 18" faux leather cord with sterling silver clasps.

Choose one: Daddy's Girl, Hottie! Soulmate or Poet.

Daddy's Girl: You know you're his favorite! (wink,wink)

Poet: Poets have a magical way with words. 

Hottie!: This playful charm expresses fun confidence.

Soultmate: It's the person who accepts you as you are, who loves you for you and who believes in you.